Feeder and Combination Motor Control Center Buckets built to customer specifications.

Turn your electrical job on with panel switches and bus plugs from Synergy Switchgear & Controls in Cerritos, California. Our electrical hardware offers you the best in reliability and outstanding prices, too.

Panel Switches

This important, fusible device mounts into electrical switchboards using a specific, required hardware set. We carry all the manufacturers’ products for both panel switches and the mounting hardware, so let us help you get the job done.


Our motor-controlled starters are some of the most important safety equipment in common usage. Safety is critical, especially in electrical projects, so browse through our complete selection of starters and other safety hardware to ensure the integrity of your work.

MCC Buckets

Our high-fidelity MCC buckets are multifunctional devices that make many jobs simpler. These buckets have starters and circuit breakers inside of them, allowing you to combine the functionality in a single piece of hardware.

Bus Plugs

Choose our reliable bus plugs for your power-routing needs. These fusible devices sit on top of the ceiling of a building, sending specific power to a specific area.

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